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To facilitate the variety of external projects involving DESC datasets, we are collecting an inventory of projects and granting access to data using this form. The project inventory will serve to track data use and facilitate communication between investigators working on similar projects.  To promote the responsible use of DESC data, each researcher seeking access to data shall acknowledge their agreement with the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Research Use
The researcher agrees that he/she shall use the requested DESC data solely for the purpose described. If new uses (or substantive modifications to their use) arise then the researcher is required to submit a new form reflecting either this proposed new or modified use.

The researcher agrees not to transfer DESC data in any form to another party under any circumstance. The requester may transfer the DESC data internally to research staff or students working on the proposed project. Researchers must inform DESC of any changes to home institutions.

Publication and Acknowledgement of DESC
The researcher agrees to acknowledge DESC in all oral and written presentations, disclosures, and publications resulting from any analyses of DESC data and agrees to provide DESC with the opportunity to review drafts prior to submission. While there are no restrictions on authorship based on analysis of the DESC data, researchers are asked to apply the normal standards of scientific etiquette when publishing results based on previously unpublished data or where substantial input of ideas warrants co-authorship.

Acceptance of DESC Datasets ‘As Is’ and No Indemnification
The researcher agrees that there is no representation, warranty, condition or other promise of any kind, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, currency or veracity of the data obtained from DESC. DESC is not responsible for any indemnification regarding any loss, claim, damage or liability that may result from the use of these data.

Requester Representations, Warranties and Agreements
The Requester:

a) represents and warrants that they are suitably qualified for the articulated use of the data;

b) agrees to the terms and conditions as stated herein; and

c) agrees to notify the Ministry if they note any unusual values in the data, as the data provided have not necessarily been screened for all errors.

Statement of Intent
Please provide a statement of intent below containing; Principal Investigator contact information, project title, description of requested data, and a brief description of the proposed research. The statement of intent should be suitable for public dissemination.
I certify agreement to the terms and conditions specified above:
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