Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association


Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association has an interest in monitoring Ontario's inland lakes and making the information available to the cottage community, and has a strong history in lake stewardship and volunteer participation in the Lake of the Woods District. The Association estimates that the economic activity in the Lake of the Woods District as a result of cottage activity is estimated at 80 million dollars annually. Water quality is one of the most important attributes determining property values in recreational lake communities, and participants in the Lake Partner Program wish to protect and enhance this important resource.
Through the Lake Partner Program volunteers collect total phosphorus samples and make monthly water clarity observations on their lakes. This information allows for the early detection of changes in the nutrient status and/or the water clarity of the lake due to the impacts of shoreline development, climate change and other stresses. The LPP relies on volunteer recruitment, information dissemination, training and a large amount of physical effort to be successful in achieving its goal to protect the quality of Ontario's inland lakes.
The Association provides outreach and support for the Lake Partner Program to foster stewardship, kindle awareness on environmental topics and assess the trophic status of water bodies in Ontario. In addition, the Association will report on water quality findings; facilitate the exchange of information pertinent to the water quality in the Lake of the Woods District and inform cottage associations, the Association’s members, and the general public on water quality issues at public and association meetings; provide regular updates through the “Lake of the Woods Area News” magazine, newsletters and the Association’s website to inform/advise Lake of the Woods area cottagers on the status of the work being conducted and other items of interest; assist with the organization and presentation of the annual “Lake of the Woods Water Quality Forum”; and oversee the production of the “State of the Basin Report” that summarises water quality on an annual basis.