Chris McConnell

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Hydrology and Meteorological Monitoring Technician
Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
(705) 766-1293


Current Activities:

Conducting operational planning and co-ordinating hydrological and meteorological field experiments, surveys and monitoring programs for assessing the impacts of...

  • climate change,
  • acid rain,
  • nutrients,
  • and contaminants

on the physical, chemical and biological responses in lakes, rivers, streams and their catchments.

Providing project leadership and technical expertise with respect to the monitoring and assessment of water quantity and quality to staff, partner agencies and the public. Including organizing the participation of students, partner agency staff and/or university scientists and graduate students on field experiments and surveys.

Developing and testing new or innovative technical approaches including liaising with technical experts in universities, research institutions, private/public sector and partner agencies in the field of hydrological and meteorological monitoring.