Martha Celis

Post Doctoral Fellow
Queen's University
(705) 766-1904

Published Articles

Celis-Salgado, M. P., Keller, W., & Yan, N. (2016). Calcium and sodium as regulators of the recovery of four Daphnia species along a gradient of metal and base cations in metal contaminated lakes in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Journal Of Limnology, 75.
Yan, N., Bailey, J. L., McGeer, J. C., Manca, M. M., Keller, W., Celis-Salgado, M. P., & Gunn, J. M. (2016). Arrive, survive and thrive: essential stages in the re-colonization and recovery of zooplankton in urban lakes in Sudbury, Canada. Journal Of Limnology, 75.