Ron Ingram

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Inland Lakes Technician
Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
(705) 766-2499


Current Activities

  • Plan, prepare and lead the chemical, physical and biological monitoring of lakes (10 A-lakes, 26 B-lakes sampled during spring turnover and for late summer oxygen, 3 gauged A-lakes monitored bi-weekly (Three Mile also monitored bi-weekly), 7 other A-lakes monitored monthly during the ice free season) to assess the impacts of climate change, acid precipitation, nutrients and anthropogenic stressors.
  • Prepare for and lead inland lake monitoring programs to address specific water quality concerns (e.g., Lake of the Woods, Lake Nipissing, Three Mile Lake) and implement special monitoring programs. Prepare for and lead biological programs including crayfish monitoring and fall benthos monitoring in a set of 19 reference lakes.
  • Provide students and partners and the public with technical expertise relating to lake sampling as required.

Useful documents

Lake Sample Collection Methods, revision March 2017

Driving Directions to Dorset Lakes and Streams March 2017

Harp Lake Report

Dickie Lake Report

Leonard Lake Report