Lake surface temperature [in State of the Climate in 2017]

TitleLake surface temperature [in State of the Climate in 2017]
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWoolway L, Carrea L, Merchant C, Dokulil M.T, de Eyto E., DeGasperi C.L, Korhonen J., Marszelewski W., May L., Paterson A.M, Rimmer A., Rusak JA, Schladow S.G, Schmid M., Shimaraeva S.V, Silow E.A, Timofeyev M.A, Verburg P., Watanabe S., Weyhenmeyer G.A
Book TitleBulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Observed lake surface water temperature anomalies in 2017 are placed in the context of the recent warming observed in global surface air temperature by collating long-term in situ lake surface temperature observations from some of the world?s best-studied lakes and a satellite-derived global lake surface water temperature dataset. The period 1996?2015, 20 years for which satellite-derived lake temperatures are available, is used as the base period for all lake temperature anomaly calculations.

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